Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two positives and a Negative:

I had my anniversary recently with my girlfriend and we headed up to my parent's farm in Pemberton. I finally got to hang the three hammocks I bought in Central America, and carried all the way here. That valley is so stunning, I had to take a photo to try and do it justice. This is going to be my zen spot where I can collect my thoughts and watch the summer sunsets down the valley. This image is a composite of 3 separate exposures which I later combined.

The other positive is that I finally, after 6 months, have finished my first video editing project. Compiling the footage from a 6 week backpacking trip and three separate cameras was one thing. Learning Final Cut Pro X was another. While totally intuitive (and unfortunately a dead end for advancing in professional video editing)

Back to blogging and body painting...

It has been months since I've posted, and my reader(s) have been asking for new material so here it goes. My last post was about the body painting portfolio pieces I was helping a makeup artist create. It was an amazing but trying experience. I also spent two months travelling and shooting in South East Asia, specifically Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. So here are some photos from the body painting sessions I did. I learned a lot from doing these shoots, primarily that when a makeup artist tells you it will take 6 hours to complete the makeup, it will really take 8... and she will show up two hours late every day... or the model won't show up at all... or she will show up and have no idea that body painting involves being topless and having your body airbrushed and will strongly object.

Luckily I just have to shoot after this is all ironed out.

I did also meet some fantastic models who I have worked with numerous times since.