Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tall Tree Festival

I am the photographer for The site was started by two friends of mine, Quin and Mark. When Quin told me about the concept, I was standing in the Vancouver airport waiting for my luggage and I begged to be included as their still life photographer while they travelled around documenting music festivals. As a musician and photographer I couldn't ask for more. Things have snowballed pretty fast and we've found ourselves running around the province living the dream.

Tall Tree festival is our most recent festival. My good friend Adam is a part of the Tall Tree production team and he insisted we come check it out. It didn't look like we were going to be able to make it but at the 11th hour we made it happen. This small festival of maybe 1200 in the tiny town of Port Renfrew totally blew my mind.

We had the weekend of our lives. The people were so friendly, the vibe was very relaxed, the performers were partying and camping with the festival goers, and all proceeds went to protect an ethereal old growth forest named Avatar Grove. Check FESTTHIS.COM for full photos and videos.

Preface by the author...

I'll take a minute to share why I decided to write a blog. I've recently started on a journey to re-learn photography, the right way, with passion, for the first time. A lot of my inspiration has come from reading other photographers blogs. They share tips, tricks, and if you're lucky, a few deep insights. One of my favourite blogs right now is that of Martin Prihoda. I'm on a steep learning curve now and I want a way to chronicle my progress as well as share any lessons I learn with others.
So here it goes, the diary I never had...