Monday, December 19, 2011

You wish your 3 year old was this rad.

There are two kinds of parents in this world: the kind of parents who will dress their 3 year old like a rock star, complete with smokes and booze, for a photo shoot as a Christmas present for Dad, and the other, lame parents.

My friend Rich had this concept for a shoot the second he bought this little Marshall practice amp that looks like a full size Marshall stack. His friend Kate wanted some pics of her 3 year old for Dad for Christmas; and thus the shoot was born.

I shot it with one soft box dedicated to the amp which also served as a rim light for our model Jackson. The second soft box was set up as the main light for Jackson. I got the opportunity to take 1 shot before Jackson had a meltdown because he hated the wig. After about 20 minutes of scream-crying and no progress made he agreed to shoot without the wig and hat and magically LOVED having his picture taken. What an artist...

It was all going really well until I suggested we give him a couple shots of Jack to loosen him up and try the wig again. Hence the last picture. We called the shoot.

(Kidding. No 3 year olds were intoxicated in the making of these photos.)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cutie Pie Wax Bar Round 3

My good friend Lindsay at the Cutie Pie Wax Bar has been loving the Vajazzle shoots we've done. More importantly her clients are loving them and there's actually a buzz happening on the North Shore around Vajazzling. Never considered having glitter and Swarovski crystals placed on, around, or near your nether regions? It's time!
So here is round three which features some seasonal Christmas vajazzle stencils. The entire photo collection is now featured in a coffee table "look book" available in both the Cutie Pie reception area, and my apartment!