Friday, September 16, 2011

Want to ride the learning curve? Just add equestrian!

A friend named Laura who's a stylist approached me with a concept for a shoot. It involved horses and hot girls... not that kind of shoot. She wanted to combine her love of fashion and horses so she came up with some cool concepts to capture. I started sweating immediately. Let's take a large animal that's afraid of things like mice, inanimate objects, and any sudden lights, sounds, or movements. Let's put this animal around some dainty women, and daintier camera equipment and ask it to pose. What can go wrong?
Actually, nothing. I did a LOT of research (1 google search) into equestrian photography and the experts all concurred (on 2 forums) that horses are good with flash photography. 
The shoot was amazing, the hair and makeup girls were amazing, and the horse, Riley, settled into having his picture taken after a few minor spaz outs. He even smiled in the first photo...

My lovely girlfriend was again modelling and I thought I'd take this opportunity to embarrass her a little since she made me promise I wouldn't put the pic up on facebook.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I was pretty stoked when I found out that was hired to be the official production crew for Live @ Squamish. The first festival we ever covered was last year's L@S, and it laid the groundwork for us to make this dream a reality. The crew at Brand Live loved what we did so much that they hired us for this year's festival. It was great to be back, to have all access, and most importantly, to have our own golf carts to ride. I was the official photographer for the festival which was a huge honour for me.
The weekend was a whirlwind, by the end of it I had well over 2000 photos... 4 days later I had the client asking when they could see them all! After scrapping my old pc and buying a new iMac I finally got them done.
The video is in the works so check back on our site soon!
 The Dudes
 Called out from stage by the Dudes for having a rad shirt
Rad costumes
Major Lazer
The Dudes
Bend Sinister
Sweet Thing
Hey Ocean
Girl Talk
Girl Talk