Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photoshoot for the release of Carly Jean Campbell's first EP

It was cold that day, cold and raining. After some coffee with just the right amount of booze in it, I sat and watched the girls do their thing. We were at my friend Kerry's exquisitely wall papered apartment and the girls were getting Carly readied. Kerry Coombes Laurence is a partner in one of the largest fashion wholesalers in Canada, Laura Dowdell was the conceptualist, stylist, and a model in my last shoot at Southlands shown below, and Sara Rose was the very talented hair and makeup artist for the day.
Fresh out of hair and makeup  

We set up in a stable out at Southlands and started freezing, I mean shooting. After a few interruptions by Madonna the dog who wanted to be in the shot, a lighting and scene change, a pony eating the hay, and four pairs of erect nipples, we got what we came for. A look that was a little bohemian, a little country, a little low contrast, and a capture of Carly's personality.
She has decided she's going country for her first original project and taking it down to Nashville. Despite fielding criticism from myself and all the other cynics in her life, she's doing it. You've gotta respect it.

Carly and I play together in the Young Executives as well as an acoustic cover duo creatively named Charles in Charge. I know her well. Chucky, or Chainsaw, or Chuckles, or Chucky's Bucks, or Charles,  or whatever nickname you want to call her by, is a confounding mix; headstrong, soft, sensitive, beautiful, impetuous, jovial, jubilant, and compassionate. She also has a testicular fortitude, which would rival that of any man I know. Sum that up in a photo, bitch.

My first pick for final edit
You can find demos of Carly Jean's new tunes on Myspace, or tweet her @CarlyJean on Twitter.

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